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This issue is an overarching idea of what to expect on our first Legion FC matchday.

~ Legion Fanatic

Here we are at the start of a new year. The team moves into the elite Protective Stadium. Plenty of roster changes are happening. Fans are upset about the quiet front office. Even the Legion social media intern has gotten cheeky. As fans, what should we expect as we move closer to our first matchday?

You have to admit the Legion FC is going through an exciting time. As a Legion fan, you can’t help but feel as though we are having a second inaugural season. Birmingham’s professional soccer team will play in a modern 40k+ seat stadium. We haven’t got Birmingham to fund a specifically designed soccer stadium. However, this is a massive climb out of the pool we were in at the “Bank.” Offering the team more significant resources for development as well as playing conditions. The Bank was a cozy setting, but we need more room as we grow. Think about it, and this year is the first time that Legion FC will be playing in a stadium tailored to the team’s growing needs. The first year we’re going to play on a pitch without watching squeegee races from the grounds crew.

All in all, this year could be particularly special. Protective is roughly eighty percent larger than our previous home. Therefore, I want to assume there is a plan to fill that space with tail…gating fans.

Speaking of seating, I expect it to be spacious and hopefully comfortable. At the time of writing this, I have not attended Protective for any UAB or other games with state-related teams. I anticipate every seat will have a decent view and access for all fans. Those prices should allow for a much broader audience to attend Legion games. This makes it an excellent chance for me to ask y’all to grab those cheaper than average golden season tickets. Unbelievably starting at $100!

I would anticipate the new stadium will also provide better parking and traffic management. Although, there hasn’t been much news in that area. I’m concerned that may still be a problem come matchday?

I’ve gathered that the stadium concession areas are not just limited to food and drinks. They will also include entertainment such as music, games, and other activities for families and kids. I can’t say how badly I don’t want to rely on stadium-only food unless Protective and Legion intend to make an original menu during matchdays. This is why previously, we all enjoyed different local concessions stands – so that fans can enjoy all kinds of options during the matchday experience. I am hoping these options remain.

It’s not always easy to get your hands on something delicious when you’re in a hurry or have limited mobility due to age or disability. That’s where mobile ordering comes in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Protective will have that option come matchday. We can all hope those options will come in time.

The stadium is not the only place for food and drinks. Many bars and restaurants are within walking distance of the stadium, so fans can enjoy a meal or drink before or after the game—barring COVID restrictions or doing so taking into consideration your own potential personal risks.

The fan experience at a stadium is meant to be an unforgettable one. Let’s all plan to make it one for the history books. I’ll be going to Protective Stadium for our first home match on March 13th. Anderson Asiedu has challenged us to fill Protective past the 20K mark. Asiedu is counting on us, and we don’t want to disappoint.

The match starts at 4:00 p.m., and you can purchase single and season tickets at an incredible price here:


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