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Fanatics Are Back

Join the loud, proud, and passionate Legion Fanatics! Share the spirit of a true fanatic by wearing your fanatical gear for the world to see.

Limited Time Fanatic Swag

Stay tuned for Season specials

Check out the new exclusive items only for Legion Fanatics. We’ve got something for everyone from T-shirts and stickers to mugs and more. However, once every three months get ONE new design for a limited time.

That’s right! Limited time and it’s gone FOREVER! So, don’t delay shop now and get your hands on some of the coolest merch out there!

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Pass It On

Profits used to give back to Legion FC fandom.


A fan community based in Birmingham.


Sharing the love of soccer one fan at a time.


Like our team, you deserve the best.

Everyday Fanatical Wear

Check out the everyday items in this section. They have been around for a while, but we can’t guarantee they’ll stay in the shop forever. With every purchase, your dollars go back to creating more fanatics!

Discover Local Content

Legion FC

Legion FC

Where else would you like to learn about Legion FC, other than straight from the source? View rosters, contest, and team news.
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Kaylor Hodges of Hammering Down PodcastFanatic

Hammering Down

Slowly becoming a Legion FC media legend in the making, Kaylor Hodges provides insight, fanfare, and updates.
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The Football ForgeFanatic

The Football Forge

Dive in deep with stats, updates, opinions, and more from this information encyclopedia on Legion FC.
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What is Legion Fanatic?

Legion Fanatics started for the fans and by fans. Specifically for the fans to express themselves unbridled. True team passion flows with opinions. That is what a fanatic shares in the community. Of course, views come with responsibilities. We are responsible for being respectful, understanding, and passionate for our club, which is biased and full of vigor. It never wavers in the face of diversity or disappointment. The club is the root of enthusiasm. We want the very best, the ultimate achievements, standing on top and looking down. We are Legion Fanatics.

In support of BLFC fandom, a large portion of our swag profits will be given to increasing more fans. We plan to provide swag, tickets, events, and whatever we can find to boost our Birmingham Legion FC community. Please join along in building an iron-tough base of Birmingham Football Club fanatics.


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